Woodworking machines

Essential protection for woodworking machines

Find out more about our range of protections for woodworking machines

These guards for woodworking machinery are designed specifically to minimise risks when using equipment such as circular saws, jointers, band saws, spindle moulders, etc.

Our safety solutions are the result of close collaboration with renowned partners in the field, including SUVA and AIGNER, guaranteeing reliable protection devices custom-made to meet the critical requirements of your working environment.

Woodworking machines - Protection

Protection for panel saws

Our complete protection systems for panel saws
Find out more about our protection solutions for panel saws, combining safety, visibility and flexibility.

Protection for panel saws, such as our SUVA S 91 safety guard, is designed to maximise safety whilst maintaining functionality. The guard is transparent, ensuring good visibility of the cutting area, and it is automatically held in the safety position.

In addition, its impact resistance, modular attachment and ease of maintenance make it a practical and durable solution. This guard also reduces noise and can be adapted to a variety of applications, including options for oblique cutting and the addition of a stem.

These features make our safety guards the optimum choice to ensure complete and effective protection in your workshop.

Workshop circular saw guard

Advanced safety for workshop circular saws.
Find out more about innovative guards for workshop circular saws, designed to provide optimum safety and visibility.

Our guards for workshop circular saws, in particular the SUVA S 91 safety guard, are designed specifically to offer maximum safety. They protect the operator's hands from the rotating blades by covering the circular saw blade over the workpiece, and can be connected to chip extraction systems.

These guards offer excellent visibility, and are automatically positioned to be safe, as well as being impact-resistant, modular and easy to maintain. They also reduce noise and can be adapted to different cutting configurations, straight or oblique.

Custom-made options are also available, e.g. fastening elements on the machine structure, are also available.

Protection for small circular saws

Innovative guards for small circular saws.
Our safety guards for small circular saws offer advanced features for safe and effective use.

Our protection solutions for small circular saws, such as the SUVA S315 safety guard, are designed for blades ranging from 250 to 315 mm in diameter. They offer features such as automatic lowering to the safety position, adaptation to the thickness of the workpiece, adaptive tilting and effective coverage of the saw blade in all positions.

They also have an additional side cover for optimum protection when the saw blade is positioned at an angle or vertically. For concealed cutting, they are fitted with a rapid closing device to make it easy to remove them without needing to remove the riving knife. We also offer accessories such as a scoring saw guard to further enhance safety and functionality.

These transparent safety guards offer optimum visibility, and their special design ensures that they provide efficient chip extraction, as well as being impact-resistant. They also include features that work to stabilise short workpieces and reduce noise, in turn increasing safety and working efficiency.

Protection for worksite circular saws

Protection for worksite circular saws

Advanced protection for worksite circular saws.
Find out more about custom-made protection for worksite circular saws, combining safety and ease of use.

The SUVA B 90 safety guard for worksite circular saws offers a number of advantages for safety and efficiency on construction sites. It automatically lowers to the safety position and adjusts to the thickness of the workpiece.

Because it is transparent, it ensures that the cutting area has excellent visibility. Designed to be robust and easy to handle, this safety guard is also simple to maintain. It is compatible with most worksite circular saws. It can also be adapted with a custom-made stem to work with the dimensions of your worktable.

Protection for jointer - Protection

Protection for jointer

Innovative protection solutions for jointers.
Find out more about advanced protection for jointers, combining safety and functionality, adapted to various machine models.

Our protective solutions for joinery machines from SUVA offer increased safety and exceptional adaptability.

The SUVAMATIC guard prevents unintentional contact with the rotating shaft, and has a hinged cover, a presser with adjustable latching lug, and the ability to exert useful pressure. It is raised and lowered automatically, and can be locked into position for mass production runs. In addition, it can adapt to work with all jointers.

Spindle moulder guard

Different protection solutions for spindle moulders.

Integral stops

Integral stops offer exceptional versatility and ease of use for spindle moulders, guaranteeing that work is performed safely and precisely.

Integral stops from our partner AIGNER are essential devices for spindle moulders, renowned for their versatility and ease of installation. Lightweight and easy to handle, they stand out for their exceptional durability.

They can adapt to fit all spindle moulders and are available in several models. They are quick and easy to install and adjust, requiring no tools. These devices guarantee safety and precision in work, with additional accessories such as the CENTREX presser for precise guidance and a spacer for parts that are likely to tip, ensuring that they are safe and effective to use.

Safety guide

Spindle moulder safety guides, such as the BIMAQ models, are designed to make operation safe and effective. They feature sliding bars made of anodised aluminium with a special surface treatment.

These guards, available in three sizes, are fitted with a versatile mounting plate to work with all types of spindle moulder. They offer the advantage of a bar system that wraps around the tool from all angles, ideal for delicate work and for dressing wood.


Our partner AIGNER offers pressing devices for spindle moulders to provide high-quality protection and milling assistance that works in a variety of applications.

The horizontal or vertical presser is an essential solution for guided milling. This device consists of an articulated arm and a system providing protection and pressure. It offers optimum protection during milling, covers milling tools and is easy to use. The pressure can be adjusted, making it easier to machine straight parts with different cross-sections. To make it more adaptable, there are installation accessories available, such as blocks and support bridges.


These SUVA Model T and S guards are designed for safe, cost-effective machining of curved workpieces, incorporating effective chip and dust extraction. Their transparent design ensures that the part being worked on is fully visible, whilst the necessary pressure is still applied to it.

They are robust, quick and easy to adjust, and offer optimum protection. These guards, available in table-mounted (Model T) and swivel-arm (Model S) models, also have additional accessories such as precision adjustment devices.


AIGNER's scroll saw is designed for fast, safe milling of curved workpieces, and can be used with or without a feeder. This device is notable for the ease with which it can be attached securely to any spindle moulder table, and can be used for milling in both directions of rotation.

It has an intuitive design that makes it easy to adjust and use, providing increased safety and effectiveness when machining complex parts. There are accessories available to further expand the capabilities of the device, such as guide bezels and support rails.

Band saw guard

Innovative guards for band saws.
This guard is designed to make band saw use safe, offering adaptability and ease of use for different material thicknesses.

The SPM guards for band saws are ideal for providing effective cover for the work blade up to a height of 90 mm. The universal adjustment system makes it easy to adapt these guards to almost any type of band saw.

The safety guide, fitted with a semi-circular lug system, raises the guard to the height required for inserting the wood. An integrated locking button makes it easier to work with parts of the same thickness, ensuring that operation is safe and convenient.