PAAKKILAN KONEPAYA OY, a leading partner for Safety Protection, is a company renowned for its expertise in the manufacture of protective equipment for machinery.
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PAAKKILAN KONEPAYA OY, a metallurgical company based in Finland, specialises in the design and manufacture of top-of-the-range guards for machine tools, contributing to the safety of industrial machinery. We are the exclusive importer of the brand's range of guards for Belgium, France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Their product range includes innovative solutions for machine protection, offering safety and compliance with industrial standards. As a key partner, it contributes in-depth technical expertise, engineering know-how and a range of high-quality products, reinforcing Safety Protection's commitment to industrial machine safety.


REPAR2, an essential partner of Safety Protection, embodies the excellence of "Made in Italy" in the safety of industrial machinery.
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Since 1970, REPAR2 has been designing, manufacturing and customising safety equipment for a wide range of industrial machines, including lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, presses and more.

Based near Milan, REPAR2 is renowned for its commitment to innovation and quality, offering products that comply with the strictest of European standards. Their main objective is the continuous improvement of products to ensure safety, ease of use and excellent value for money. With a specialised distribution network, REPAR2 meets the safety needs of machines all over the world.


SuvaPro, a partner of Safety Protection, is a Swiss company dedicated to the safety and protection of workers, with recognised expertise since 1918.
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Founded in 1918, SuvaPro has established itself as a key player in the prevention of accidents at work and occupational illnesses. With a statutory mandate for workplace safety, SuvaPro works closely with employers and employees to promote a safe working environment.

It has distinguished itself by the creation of innovative safety systems that combine functionality, quality and safety. As the European leader in its field, SuvaPro offers solutions compliant with EC standards, suitable for both new and old machines. SuvaPro is committed to quality and reliability, with provision of a responsive customer service, and ISO 9001 certification.


Our partner Aigner is notable for its expertise in safety solutions for various industrial sectors.
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German manufacturer Aigner offers a complete range of safety products for professionals in a variety of fields, including the automotive, joinery and plastics industries, among others.

Their range includes universal devices such as safety guides, clamping plates and tools for the safe handling of parts, adapted to various types of machinery. This equipment is designed to facilitate safe work with parts of all sizes, offering flexibility and high compatibility with a wide range of machine brands.


Axelent is a Safety Protection partner working to revolutionise industrial safety with its mesh protection systems.
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Axelent is a Swedish company with extensive experience in the manufacture of protective mesh panels and partitions for industry, warehouses and construction.

All of their planning and activities are characterised by the watchwords of speed, safety, service and optimised solutions. Axelent is a partner with in-depth knowledge of safety. Their products always comply with the legal requirements of the countries in which they are sold.


As part of our ongoing commitment to industrial safety, we are introducing our partner NIK LED SECURITY, a pioneer in high-performance LED lighting solutions.
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NIK LED SECURITY, known for its innovation in the field of industrial LED lights, has joined forces with Safety Protection to offer high-quality, safe lighting. This collaboration highlights a varied range of lights suitable for all workspaces, from workshops to laboratories, guaranteeing improved safety and productivity.

NIK products, characterised by their energy efficiency and durability, fit in perfectly with Safety Protection's ecological approach.

With a wide range of power options and extensive protection standards, from IP20 to IP69, this alliance promises a working environment that is not only safer but also more comfortable for everyone.