About Safety Protection - Company

About Safety Protection

Your safety is our priority!
Since Safety Protection was founded nearly three decades ago, the company has embraced the mission of serving both private and public companies with an unwavering dedication to safety.

We are experts in industrial safety, ensuring that every machine tool and woodworking machine is not only operating efficiently but also has the guarantee of optimum protection for its users.

Our strong points in safety

Our journey began over 28 years ago, driven by a single clear vision: to ensure maximum safety in the manufacturing industry. By combining careful listening with precise analysis, we have been able to advise and equip our customers with the best safety devices available on the market, guaranteeing unrivalled protection for machine tool operators.

Our machine protection services

Protection for machinery in the manufacturing industry.

Our expertise and our services in the safety domain are mainly concerned with:

  • Machine tools and woodworking machinery: We can supply a comprehensive range of standard and custom fixed and mobile guards. Each product is accompanied by a certificate attesting to our strict compliance with European directives on operator safety;
  • Work areas: Our solutions include physical or non-physical safety barriers, adapted to fit each space or environment that requires protection;
  • Electrical safety: Our emergency stop, minimum voltage, magnetic contactor and safety microswitch systems feature state-of-the-art technology;
  • Low-voltage industrial lighting: We offer a range of models adapted to the specific needs of each working environment.


An everyday commitment to providing you with support
Machinery compliance is the core of our service offering. We use our expertise to turn your risks into safety, offering peace of mind to employers and employees by ensuring that they have a working environment that is not only compliant but also safe from unforeseen accidents.

Our services are guided by a strict regulatory framework, including the provisions of the Royal Decrees of 1993 and 1995. These are key legislative texts, establishing the safety standards to be applied for prevention of occupational risks and the protection of workers' health when using work equipment.

With Safety Protection, you will gain the benefit of our recognised expertise in the process of bringing your installations into compliance. Our specialists undertake continuous training learning about the latest developments in terms of legislation and technology, to ensure precise compliance with the most rigorous requirements of the Royal Decrees in force. Making your equipment compliant with currently applicable standards is a key factor in preventing accidents and reducing downtime, while ensuring optimum productivity.

Our promise is simple: workplace equipment that fully complies with currently applicable safety standards, for maximum protection!

Our strategic partnerships

The quality of our services is enhanced by our trusted partnerships with world-renowned suppliers such as PAAKKILAN KONEPAJA OY, REPAR2, SUVA, AXELENT and NIK. We are proud to be the exclusive importer for these renowned brands in Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and France.

The team that makes the difference

At SAFETY PROTECTION, each member of our team represents an essential component in our success:

  • Management: Mr Stany Delentrée
  • Administration and accounts department:
  • Sales department:
  • Technical and electromechanical engineering department: Mr Jean-François Brandenbourg & Mr Justin Carlier
Our scope of operation - Company

Our scope of operation

With a convenient location in the heart of the Benelux and expansion into the French market, we are continuing to innovate and excel in the field of industrial machine safety, proud to bear the banner of safety wherever we go!