Electrical safety & lighting

In terms of achieving compliance, electrical safety installations offer a definite advantage.

Complete solutions for electrical safety installations and industrial lighting

We offer complete solutions to ensure that your electrical installations are safe and compliant. Our systems are designed to prevent risks and ensure optimum continuity of operations.

In addition to electrical safety, we offer industrial lighting solutions suitable for various working environments, providing adequate visibility and increased safety in your industrial spaces.

Electrical safety & lighting


Electrical safety enclosures for emergency stop and undervoltage protection
Our electrical safety enclosures offer complete, reliable solutions for emergency stops and maintaining minimum voltage, guaranteeing optimum protection for equipment and operators.

Our LG7 and GV2 enclosures are designed for emergency stops and for maintaining minimum voltage. They include a surface-mounted box, a mushroom type push button, a GV2 minimum, a motor circuit breaker and, in the case of the LG7, an on/off button and a coil.

Stop or emergency stop boxes are essential for ensuring safety in industrial environments. Their intuitive design and ease of installation make them ideal for a variety of industrial applications.

Lathe neutral

The lathe neutral is an essential safety device that ensures that the lathe cannot be started unless the manual control lever is in the zero position.

The lathe neutral is a crucial safety system in industrial environments involving use of lathes. It is designed with a normally open contact that prevents the lathe from starting unless the manual control lever is correctly positioned at zero.

This feature is fundamental for preventing the machinery from starting up accidentally or unexpectedly, thus providing maximum protection for operators. This simple but effective device is an essential component for maintaining high safety standards in workshops and factories.

Micro switches

Magnetic and standard micro switches offer safety solutions to prevent unauthorised opening of covers and doors in industrial environments.

Micro switches are essential devices for ensuring the safety of industrial equipment. The magnetic micro switch is designed to prevent the opening of covers or doors in situations that require a high degree of safety. It is ideal for applications where safety is an absolute priority.

On the other hand, the standard or hinge micro switch is used for a normal level of safety, effectively preventing unauthorised opening of covers and doors. These solutions guarantee safety and control in various industrial applications.

Safety relay

Safety relays play a crucial role in securing control circuits, by automatically working together with magnetic micro switches.

Safety relays are essential components in industrial control systems. They work in tandem with the magnetic micro switches to improve safety. With two contacts in series, these relays automatically break the control circuit, preventing unauthorised or hazardous machine start-ups.

This dual system guarantees improved safety and reduces the risk of accidents, providing optimum protection in industrial environments where safety is paramount.


Our switches offer innovative safety solutions for industrial machinery, with options such as foot switches, rope pull switches and telescopic switches.

The foot switch makes it easier for operators to start machinery by foot, where continuous pressure is required for operation.

The rope pull switch protects workers in the area around the machine by stopping it when the rope is pulled or tensioned.

The telescopic switch will stop the machine immediately. It is fitted with a robust telescopic antenna and operates in all directions, guaranteeing increased safety and positive operation.

Industrial LED lighting

Our range of low-voltage NIK LED industrial lighting is designed to meet European safety and compliance directives, and is suitable for all types of industrial machinery.

Low-voltage NIK LED lights are an ideal solution for industrial lighting, offering safety, compliance and versatility. They are recommended specially for various machines such as drills, milling machines, lathes, etc.

When you choose our range of LED lighting, you benefit from high-quality lighting that complies with safety and energy efficiency standards and is suitable for harsh industrial environments.

Two-hand control

Two-hand control is an essential safety solution for industrial machines where the operator needs to use both hands to operate the machinery.

Two-hand control is designed to improve operator safety by requiring simultaneous use of both hands to activate the machine. This feature prevents accidental start-ups and ensures that the operator's hands are kept away from danger zones during operation. This system is particularly useful for machines where precision and safety are paramount.

Override system and light beacon

This system allows operators to temporarily deactivate the safety devices for the machine, which may be necessary for certain maintenance or adjustment operations.

When safety devices are removed, the light beacon starts flashing, actively signalling to everyone within the working environment that the machine is in a temporary override condition. This key feature not only provides flexibility in machine operation, but also improves safety by alerting any operators and personnel in the vicinity.

Photoelectric sensor

The photoelectric sensor is a crucial safety device for industrial machinery, creating a non-physical barrier that automatically stops the machine if the light beam is interrupted by the operator.

The photoelectric sensor, or cell, is an advanced safety solution for industrial machinery. It creates a non-physical barrier which, once interrupted by the operator, makes the machine stop immediately.

This function is essential for preventing accidents and injuries by providing early warning of any unexpected presence within the hazardous area. After being stopped by such safety devices, the machine must be reset manually using a push button, to ensure that operation resumes in full knowledge of events and safety.