Machine tools

Robust, reliable protection for machine tools

Advanced protection for machine tools

Find out more about our range of protection solutions for machine tools, designed to combine robustness and precision to make your operations guaranteed safe and compliant with industrial standards.

We count on reputable suppliers such as PAAKKILAN KONEPAYA OY and REPAR2, for whom we are the exclusive importer. The exceptional quality of these protection solutions, and the reliability of their components make them essential for any industrial environment. Explore our wide selection of products to find the ideal solution for your needs.

Machine tools - Protection
Lathe guards - Protection

Lathe guards

Our range of advanced solutions for lathe protection.
Explore our range of lathe protection products, offering safety and compliance for a variety of industrial requirements.

Safety Protection presents a range of lathe protection solutions in PAAKKILAN KONEPAYA OY and REPAR2, tailored to the requirements of the manufacturing industry. Our guards offer optimum safety for operators, combining robustness, flexibility and innovation.

They include chuck and trolley protection products, available in a range of diameters and materials, with potential for customisation. Features include adjustable screens equipped with safety micro switches, low-voltage lighting and smoke extraction options.

Our solutions are designed for safe and efficient use, meeting the strictest of industrial standards.

Guards for milling machines

Guards for milling machines

Our safety solutions for milling machines.
Find out more about our range of protection products for milling machines, designed to guarantee safety whilst still maintaining operational flexibility.

Our PAAKKILAN KONEPAYA OY and REPAR2 protection solutions for milling machines are designed to offer maximum safety whilst still providing great operational flexibility. They include guards suspended from articulated arms for complete mobility, to allow precise and easy positioning.

Equipped with laminated glass and low-voltage lighting, these guards provide optimum visibility. We also offer specific protection for vertical, horizontal and combined milling machines, fitted with safety micro switches and available in various materials, with the option of customising them to meet your particular requirements.

Guards for drilling machines

Our innovative protection equipment for drills and drilling machines.
Find out more about our range of guards for drills and drilling machines, offering safety and adaptability for a variety of industrial applications.

Our REPAR2 protection solutions for drills and drilling machines combine safety and flexibility. They include robust steel frames and height-adjustable polycarbonate screens fitted with safety micro switches.

For smaller units, we can provide safety switches with telescopic stops, designed for immediate shutdown in the event of an emergency whilst still allowing normal operation. These solutions comply with standards EN 60947-5-1 and EN 292 and guarantee optimum protection in all directions.

Guards for grinding wheels

Our range of solutions for grinding wheel protection.
Our grinding wheel guards offer robustness, flexibility and safety for your industrial requirements.

Our PAAKKILAN KONEPAYA OY and REPAR2 wheel guards are designed for maximum safety and adaptability. They feature a rigid construction with multiple adjustment options to provide optimum screen positioning.

These screens are available in laminated glass or polycarbonate and can be fitted with low-voltage lighting on request.

Press guards - Protection

Press guards

Our innovative protection for presses.
Our press guards combine robustness and adaptability to ensure safety for a variety of pressing applications.

Our REPAR2 press guards offer enhanced safety thanks to their robust metal structure and impact-resistant screens. They are designed with opening front doors, fitted with safety micro switches to ensure they are safe to use.

Flexibility is a key element, with the option of adapting the guards to work with different part sizes. We also offer customisation to meet the specific requirements of each individual working environment.

Mortiser guards

Our custom guards for mortising machines.
Find out more about our custom guards for mortising machines, designed to ensure optimum safety.

Our REPAR2 guards for mortisers are designed specifically to provide a combination of robustness and safety. Each guard is built with a solid steel structure and is fitted with a micro switch for increased safety during use.

We understand that every workshop has its own unique requirements, which is why we offer the option of customising these protection solutions to work perfectly with your specific work processes and machinery.

Guards for grinding machines

Advanced protection for grinding machines.
Our protection solutions for universal grinding machines are designed for safety and customisation.

For universal grinding machines, we offer REPAR2 steel guards, available with one or two doors. These guards are fitted with safety micro switches and impact-resistant transparent screens, guaranteeing optimum safety during use.

We also offer the option of customising these protection products so that they work perfectly for your specific needs and requirements.

Guards for the lead screw

Innovative protection for the lead screw.
Our lead screw protection solutions focus on safety and durability.

To provide effective protection of lead screws and feed rails, we offer REPAR2 roller units. These solutions are designed to offer maximum safety while maintaining the integrity and functionality of these crucial components.

Our roller units are easy to install and to use, making them an ideal choice for maintaining safety without compromising equipment performance.